Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rayna's 4th Birthday

Well, our little girl is now 4 years old! It is so hard to believe and it is just amazing how grown up she has become! She had a wonderful birthday party the day before her birthday and then a wonderful birthday day. She had lots of visitors come to celebrate with her and was very happy to see everyone! Here are some pictures of our big 4 year old on her birthday.

Birthday Meals

Rayna got to have several special birthday meals. After her party, we took her and Drew (her cousin who turned 7) out for a Mexican dinner. After dinner they got to wear sombreros and were sung too. Rayna thought that was pretty neat. Then after church, we went to brunch with Grandpa and Grandma at Elmers. After our meal, Rayna was surprised with a birthday crepe and song. Again, she loved it! For dinner that night, she chose to go to McDonalds (big surprise...I don't know what it is about that place and kids!). She was very happy with all her birthday meals!

Brady's New Toy

Brady got a belated birthday gift from Grandpa Larry and Grandma Becky...a plasma car. It is very cool and everyone had to try it out! Brady calls it his helicopter car and thinks it is very fun. He prefers using his feet to make it go, but I'm sure he'll figure it out soon enough! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

Princess Rayna

For Rayna's 4th birthday, she chose to have a princess party. She has been so excited about it and has literally been planning it for almost a year! She was so excited get all dressed up like a princess and have her friends dress up too! All the kids looked so adorable and everyone seemed to have a great time! Here are a few pictures of our princess on her big day!

The Cake

I made Rayna a pink castle cake for her princess party. She was very specific about wanting it to be pink! I think it turned out very cute and she loved it!

Party Fun

The kids had lots of fun during the party. They did crafts, played lots of games, danced at the ball, and ended with a treasure hunt. It was all very cute!

Rayna's New Bike

Rayna's most exciting present was her new princess bike she got from Mommy and Daddy and Grandma Bonnie. We had her close her eyes while Bryan brought it in and when she opened them, she was so surprised! She has been riding it around whenever she gets the chance. Brady had to try it out too!

Opening Presents

Rayna was so excited about all of the presents she got for her birthday! She has pretty much opened and used everything she got! Thank you so much for all the great gifts!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silly Kids

Just a couple of cute pictures of our silly kids. Rayna has really been into making crafts lately so we made a crown for Brady. He loved it! Then Bryan caught them both sitting on the changing table in Rayna's room reading books. So silly!

A Trip To Bend