Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our Cute Boy

Just some cute picturew of Brady sitting up outside. He's become such a happy and smiley boy! The last picture shows his new face he likes to make.

Brady in the Grass

Here is Brady sitting in the grass checking it out. He really didn't seem to mind it too much. Mostly he just wanted to grab it and put it in his mouth!

Swim Party

My Friday mommy group met at our house this week and we decided to have a swim party since the weather was so nice. The kids had a blast! They were so cute chasing each other around the swimming pool and playing outside. They are all growing up too fast!

Yucky Green Beans

Here is our first attempt at giving Brady green beans. He does not like them! Rayna didn't either for quite awhile. I just kept trying to give them to her though and now they are her favorite vegetable!

Rayna's New Friend

Since we no longer have a dog, our backyard has become cat central. The other day this sweet kitty cat came over and was just hanging out on our porch. Rayna really wanted to go see it so we went outside and it came right up to us. She loved it! Now Rayna looks for the kitty everyday. It has come back to visit a few times and everytime, we have to go out and see it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

6 Months Old!

Brady turned 6 months old on Sunday. He is growing up so fast. Things are definitely getting better as he gets older. He is much happier now and is so much fun to interact with. He weighs a little over 21 pounds now and has really started enjoying his baby food. We can no longer keep him on a blanket on the floor. He now rolls everywhere! Time to baby proof the house again. He loves to smile and laugh, especially at his big sister! He also loves to swim and loves to bounce!

Camping at Diamond Lake

We went camping this past weekend at Diamond Lake with Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Chuck, Kathy and Macie, Uncle Jeff, Auntie Mandee, and Rayden, Mandee's parents, and Mike, Andrea, Megan, and Xander. We had such a great time despite getting rained out and not getting much sleep. It was so fun spending the weekend with family and letting the kids play together. Our kiddos had a rough time sleeping. I think they both got cold and Rayna kept getting scared. So we ended up with all four of us on a full size air bed both nights. Not too comfortable! The second night it poured and we all got wet, but that's okay. We look forward to doing it again and will hopefully have better weather next time!

Camping Girl

Boy did Rayna have fun camping! She had a ball playing in the dirt and exploring in the forest. She was completely covered in dirt within 10 minutes of being there! We did get her cleaned up a little bit on Saturday by going swimming in the lake. It definitely helped take off a layer or two of dirt!

Brady's 1st Camping Trip

Brady had lots of fun on his first camping trip. He loves being outside and was pretty happy all weekend!

The Girls

Rayna and Rayden had sooooo much fun playing together! It was so cute. They kept each other busy which was nice and they both got very dirty.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Josephine County Fair

We spent the day at the fair last Wednesday. My nephew, Joshua, raised a pig this year and so we went up and watched him show which was fun. We also enjoyed the petting zoo. Rayna loved all the animals! They were both so good even though it was a long and hot day!


We filled up Auntie Monica's big pool last week so the kids could all go swimming. They had so much fun! Rayna thought is was great and would've played in there for hours. I had to make her get out because she was shivering and her lips were turning blue! She kept going in head first over the edge and even did a few somersaults while getting in. She didn't seem to mind though. Brady had a blast floating around in his boat and once he got out, Rayna decided she'd try it too. We had so much fun!