Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brady's Big Boy Haircut

Grammy gave Brady his first real haircut on Easter Sunday. It was pretty emotional for him and for Mommy! It was time though. His hair was getting really long and needed a trim. It turned out to be a little more than a trim because he kept moving so much, but he is still as cute as ever.

Brady was not real thrilled with the haircutting process. He did not want to stay still and kept turning his head all around. The graham cracker helped a little.

This is just a portion of the hair that was cut off. He had a ton! Now he looks like a big boy. His hair still has quite a bit of wave to it, so he might keep some of those curls afterall!


Rayna and Brady looked so cute all dressed up for Easter. We went to church and spent Easter dinner over at Auntie Monica's house. It was a great day!

Some cute pictures of Rayna on Easter. She keeps doing this silly, cheesy smile though. Such a goofball!

Some cute pictures of Brady on Easter. Such a big boy!

Easter Baskets

Rayna and Brady loved the goodies they got in their Easter baskets. They were excited about their books and movies, but I think Rayna's favorite was the Peeps (her first time having them) and Brady's was the chocolate bunny (he likes hitting the box and making neat noises).

Searching for Eggs

The kids had so much fun looking for Easter eggs on Easter morning. Rayna did a great job finding them! Brady found one and was happy with that. Then I gave him another one and all he wanted to do was shake them and hit them together like we do with our egg shakers in music class. It was very cute.

Another Egg Hunt

At my Friday mom's group, we had an egg hunt outside. The kids had so much fun finding the eggs and exploring all over the property. They also had a blast looking at the goats and climbing on the tractor. What a fun egg hunt!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Rayna's Big Girl Bike

I scored this weekend at a consignment sale and got Rayna her very own big girl bike. She was so excited, especially because it was a princess one! She couldn't wait to try it out and did a pretty good job. She is getting too big!

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Rayna had so much fun dyeing Easter eggs last night. She got a little crazy at times and broke a few, but had so much fun. She was very proud of the eggs she decorated.