Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Towels

Grammy got the kids new towels for Christmas. Now they can be a froggy and a piggy. They love them! Brady always wants to look in the mirror to see himself as a froggy and of course Rayna wants to do the same.

Rayna's New Tutu

Rayna loves her new tutu that she got from Granmoo for Christmas! She wears it all the time around the house and couldn't wait for ballet class to start again so she could wear it to ballet. She is very into posing for the camera right now and does many interesting poses. Here are just a few of them.

Brady and Daddy

Brady LOVES being on Daddy's shoulders! That is often the first thing he asks to do when Bryan gets home.

Mouse Trap

One of Rayna's favorite games to play is Mouse Trap. (She doesn't actually play the game, but likes to play with the all the pieces.) We usually play it at the table so that Brady can't get the little pieces, but he wants to do everything that Rayna does now. So, he got up to the table too, and they "played" Mouse Trap for the longest time. It was very cute!

Playing Trains

Brady got several new trains for Christmas and we have all been having so much fun playing trains. We set up different tracks everyday and can play trains for hours!