Monday, June 25, 2007

4 Months Old

Brady turned 4 months old last week. He had his check-up today and is looking good. He weighed 18 lbs. 7 oz. and was 25 inches long! Such a big boy. He is trying really hard to roll over onto his tummy. He just can't quite get the upper part of his body all the way over. He hasn't been sleeping real well at night so we are working on that right now. He loves to smile and laugh at his big sister!

Our Little Cinderella

Rayna wanted to watch Cinderella the other day, but first she got dressed up in her Cinderella costume. It was so cute.

Camp Chairs

Rayna and Brady got their very own camp chairs. Rayna loves sitting in her monkey chair and insisted that Brady sit in his elephant chair!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Frog 'O Fair

Saturday we went down to the park for the annual Frog 'O Fair. It is a free event for kids that allows them to do all kinds of hands on activities. Rayna enjoyed it quite a bit. She got to plant a flower, make a bead necklace, hammer nails, play with clay, bubbles, water tables, and so much more. She even got to see a lizards, a hawk, and an owl. Brady was a trooper and stayed awake almost the whole time just looking around at everything. It was such a fun day.

Ice Cream Tea Party

Rayna, Brady, and I had a great ice cream tea party the other day. Rayna loves having her tea parties and always wants Brady to join her. She kept giving him the ice cream, cookies, tea cups, and the banana. It was so cute. He thought it was great and just kept trying to eat everything!

Playing Outside

The weather was so nice this past week so we spent all our afternoons outside. Rayna's favorite thing to do is play in her swimming pool so here she is again. Brady just enjoys being outside and looking up at the trees and watching his big sister.

So Big

This picture really shows you just how big Brady is getting. It is hard to believe how much he has grown. Before we know it he'll be as big as his big sister!

Who's That?

Brady loves looking in the mirror at himself. I thought these pictures were so cute.

Brady and His Toys

Brady is really starting to enjoy playing with his toys now. He loves to grab at them and is pretty good at hanging on to them too.

Pizza and a Movie

Last weekend, we had the boys over for the evening. We took all the big kids swimming at the pool and then got pizza and a movie. It was so cute watching all five of them hanging out like that. Rayna thought it was so cool getting to eat dinner in the living room like that!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Big Smiles

I finally got some of Brady's big smiles on camera. It is so nice when he's happy like that.

1st Time in the Exersaucer

I pulled out the exersaucer for Brady today and put him in it. He loved it! He actually stayed in it for quite awhile and was very content. I think he liked being able to see everything and look around. He also liked grabbing the steering wheel. It looks like he already knows how to use it! Such a big boy!

Brady with Grandpa & Grandma

Grandpa Larry and Grandma Becky came to visit this weekend. The kids were very excited and we had a great visit!

Rayna and Rayden

As usual, the girls had so much fun playing together.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Afternoon at the Park

We met some friends at the park the other day and even though it was really hot, we had lots of fun. Brady was supposed to be sleeping but kept peeking at everything. I think he was too hot and too interested in what was going on.

Such A Big Girl

Rayna wanted to play on the big kids playground at the park. She did such a great job. She was climbing up all by herself and swinging on the big kids swing. She had so much fun!

Grammy and Auntie Cheri's House

We spent Memorial Day weekend over in Bend helping my mom and sister paint their house. The whole family was there so we had lots of fun and got it painted quickly. Here are some cute pictures of Rayna and Brady hanging out together.

Brady Hanging Out

Here are some pictures of Brady hanging out at the house. He loves to be naked now and is just so cute. He also loves standing up like a big boy!